Is Writing An Addiction?

I’ve begun to think of writing as an addiction.  It seems like the more I write, the harder it is to go on vacation and not write.  I’ve started to go through withdrawals if I don’t at least write a couple of sentences every day.  It’s pretty funny to watch as I grow extremely unfocused, loose the ability to carry on a good conversation, and begin ‘daydreaming’ while people are trying to talk to me.  Occasionally I get bad enough to where I just want to go sleep because I’m so crabby from lack of writing.

Awhile ago I realized that I just can’t focus on the world around me when my characters are just waiting for their story to be on paper so they can stop suffering and get to an easier part of the story.  I admit, sometimes my characters are much better company than the people around me.  Sometimes they’re even more real than the world around me seems.

I once saw a quote somewhere that read, “there is no greater pain than bearing an unwritten story inside you.”  I thought it was funny at the time, even slightly true.  But it seems to grow more and more true as I get deeper and deeper into my book.  The more I write, the more I need to write, but if I don’t I go through withdrawals.  So where’s the balance at?  How can someone carry on with their normal life when they’ve got the pain of an unwritten story driving them to distraction?


Chapter Six — Sooo close!

Well I’m working on chapter six still.  For the fifth time at least I finished it and was about to post it when I realized that it needed a major edit.  I’m *finally* almost done though.  Now for the slow part.  Editing.

Happy Valentines Day!

Well, today’s been insanely busy.   Unfortunately I’ve come to the realization that I have no spare time anymore.  I have so little spare time to write that I’m literally lucky if I get a paragraph down.

Valentines Day has come and gone already and I find that I’ve really done nothing special.  Oh well.  Thinking about the story behind Valentines Day has been good.  Hopefully I’ll be posting the stuff I write based off this line of thought–I so rarely write anything that actually is a ‘love story’ since I’m busy trying to keep from killing my characters (or killing them willingly).  Anyways, expect more from me soon!

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Hey world!

I’m Jinx.   A teenage girl on a mission to get my book published before next Christmas.  This blog is basically going to be here to keep me on track and writing and also because I LOVE reading other amateur writings.   So feel free to follow because this is going to be one amazing, super, awesome, just plain shockingly, wild ride.  =)