A Shot At Working With Prompts

BeKindRewrite has been posting prompts so I thought I’d try my hand at using a few of them.


Everyday Villain

Every line of the man spelled ‘villain’.  From his dark hair, slicked back and combed all too perfectly, to the black dress shirt and pants over black patent leather shoes, even the black cape with its crimson lining.  The lingering scent of blood surrounded him.  Somehow I think he tried to cover it with some sort of perfume, but the two strong scents simply produced a choking smell that made me want to throw up.  But even more chilling?  The dark flash in his eyes as he surveyed us, my sister and I, while his henchmen held us still.

We struggled, kicked, bit, everything we could manage; but it did us no good.  Finally, one of the men got fed up with us.

“What d’ ya want us to do with ’em boss?”  He asked the dark man.

The man’s eyebrows raised in a haunting expression.  I will never forget the moment he said, “Put them in room nineteen.  You know what to do.”

I shake my head, clearing it of the memories that have suddenly chosen to surface.  Why my worst memories have chosen today to haunt me I do not know.   I know only that they are not welcome.

Rising from my chair I pick up my cape and stand by the door, mentally I run through the list of things I will be doing today.  While I think, I spray perfume on my clothing, trying to hide the scent of my crimes.  I force my mind not to wander back to the past.  Why is it that today, today of all days, I had to be reminded that I have become the very man I hate?


Time Capsule from the Future

“Hurry Alli, hurry.”

“I’m trying to hurry Jack.”  A small voice called after the boy.  “But it’s so dark, I can’t see!”

“It’s okay, we’re almost there.”

“Where are we going Jack?”

“To the cave,” The boy called. “The one just below Beggar’s Point.”

“But why?”

“Alli,” The boy’s voice held a hidden sigh laced in it.  “I already told you.  We’re burying a time capsule.”

“Like the one that the town council got dug up?”

“Sort of.”

“Is it so we can come dig it up when we’re grown ups?”

“No Alli.  This time capsule is going to be from the future.”

“How’s it going to be from the future, Jack?  Did you invent a time machine?”

“No silly.  I–its…oh, never mind.  You’ll understand someday.”

“If you say s–ow!”

“Alli?  Alli, what’s wrong?”

“I slipped and cut my hand on a really sharp rock.”  The girl said in a brave tone, “It hurts Jack.”

“It’s okay Alli.  We’re there now and you don’t have to do any of the digging.  You can just sit and watch.  Okay?”

“Okay.  Just let me get up there.  It’s just…one more….ah!….hand ho–aahhh!!!” Her high pitched scream of terror filled the night suddenly. A moment later, she hit the ground, forty feet below the terrified boy who was her companion.

He rushed down to her, trying to drown out the horrible sounds of her agonized yells.  “Alli!  No, no, Alli.  No, you can’t die, Alli.  We were gonna grow up together!  An–and when we was big I was gonna take ya to fancy parties, and someday I’d throw ya a big fancy wedding and marry ya!  And we were gonna have twelve kids and you was gonna be their mama.  An’ even though I’d have to work real hard, we were gonna live happily ever after and get real old together, cause I was gonna love ya.  Cause I do love ya.  Yo–you can’t die Alli.”

The girl looked at him through pain clouded eyes.  “I loved you too, Jack.”  She whispered with her final breath.



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5 thoughts on “A Shot At Working With Prompts

  1. I love these! I love the play on the prompt/title, when you suddenly reveal the victim IS the everyday villain.

    And Jack’s destroyed dreams! Their future, now forever buried. I never imagined anything so tragic.

    You’re good. Very good.

    • Jinx says:

      Thank-you! I was not planning that. I love working with a phrase like that because I really just have no idea what will happen. It makes me happy.

  2. I really enjoyed everyday villian. I think it aptly demonstrates how often we become the thing we dislike the most.
    In time capsule from the future I half expected he would somehow use the time capsule to go back and prevent the tragedy or live out the last minutes with her. Your ending is way more tragic!
    Great job of tackling the prompts. It is not easy.

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