One Thing at a Time?

In the past I’ve often struggled with not starting too much at once, or else I drop what I’m working on and move on to the next project and never come back.  For quite some time, I would simply write down the inspiration and a general rough plot idea that I liked, planning to come back to it when I finished what I was working on.  That worked well, but eventually the temptation to write would get to big and I’d end up with my same problem all over again.

Right now I’m working on a short story that seems to be turning into a book, a trilogy that somewhat relates to that short story, and I’m writing another book just as an exercise and practice.  The issue?  I find it very easy to get caught up in one and quit the others for weeks on end.  Of course there’s an obvious bonus too.  I never have problems with writer’s block holding me up on all three at once, so I always have something to work on.  However, I’m not sure if that outweighs the bad.

So my question is, is it a good or bad thing to allow yourself to work on more that 1-2 things at a time?


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2 thoughts on “One Thing at a Time?

  1. Indigo Spider says:

    It is only a problem if nothing ever gets finished. If you are finishing stories eventually, then, more power to you!

    I, too, often have snippets written here and there, outlines and the like, half finished. Sometimes I write until there is no steam left then put it aside. I’ve picked up stories from years ago that I thought were dead and finally completed them.

    My suspicion is that is the way for most writers.

  2. Jinx says:

    Probably. I’ve never finished anything, but I WILL finish Kota. It’s too fun of an idea not to.

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