The Dark is Afraid of Me

How did I come to this? I think as I walk through the door in chains.  How did I go from hero, to prisoner, to villain, in only two months? I do not know how, but here, as I face the door of death, I know I am about to find out.

There was a time, not so long ago, when I was helpless.  Helpless and desperate to not be so, desperate to be saved, or, even better, to be able to save myself.  If only I had known then the truth that now stares me in the face.  Perhaps I would still be the good guy, the hero of my story.  But every story needs a villain, and it seems that one will not be enough for this story.

I had hoped I was strong enough to write my tale, to be the hero my story needed.  For once in my life, I thought that perhaps, I would control my own choices, my own destiny.

Power was offered, and I took it, used it to become all I could be.  But the funny thing about power, it seems always to betray you at the moment when it is needed most.  And as I trained harder and harder to defeat the nightmare, I lost sight of the fact that in doing so, I was becoming a nightmare.  Power is not admirable, not in the hands of an imperfect one.  In power, there is beauty, but it is terrible beauty.  The elegance of power holds allure for all, but it is a vision of horror when it finally reveals itself for what it is.

I lost my grip on reality, my grip on right and wrong.  At each turn, I embraced my gift to its fullest, not realizing what it was taking from me.  Not comprehending that it was taking the very thing I had first striven for.  I allowed myself to become addicted to this horrible drug, this thing I call power.  And now, even the dark is afraid of me.

So while I walk through this door I know I go to the end, my end.  But the gift I so willingly took, it will endure.  I know that I do not go to face my killer and be martyred; rather, I go to be consumed.  Destroyed by the very thing that made me.  Power will be my executioner.


BeKindRewrite, once again your prompts have inspired me more than you could imagine.  I kind of want to do another with this same prompt!  lol



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7 thoughts on “The Dark is Afraid of Me

  1. Indigo Spider says:

    Great piece. I want to read more of this story!

    BeKind offers some great prompts and making Monday’s worthwhile. I’ve thought about writing more than one story for a prompt, too, but think I’ll only do that if I’m stuck in the future.

  2. Jinx says:

    Thanks =)

    This is actually a continuation of my short story A Rebel’s Death.

  3. Ooh, yeah; I really want to know the rest of this story. Hero to prisoner to villain – that would make a great opening for a novel.

    Hey, I hope you do write another with the same prompt. I know it’ll be good.

  4. […] *EDIT*: I was! I believe Jinx was the first to post: Jinx […]

  5. Char says:

    I really like your piece. One sentence stood out and I had to think about it for a while….” The elegance of power holds allure for all, but it is a vision of horror when it finally reveals itself for what it is.”
    It is SO true.

    Now I have to go to your blog and read “A Rebel’s Death”.

    Thank you!

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