Inspiration Monday VI

Inspiration Monday has rolled around once again and once again it’s proven to be my favorite night of the week.  I adore inspiration mondays.  They’ve become my stress reliever after my busy weekends.  =P  My goal for the week is to use every prompt in some sort of scribble.  We’ll see it that works out.

To start off I chose the prompt, “you can hear the stars speaking to each other”.  This is probably the first time I’ve sat down and started with a sort of rough idea where I wanted to take the prompt.  I kind of roughly threw a few phrases on the paper, then sort of used them for a base.  Not that it made a difference.  It was a completely different concept when I wrote it.  I need to work on the sticking to an outline thing.

Words for the Stars


You can hear the stars, if you listen closely.  Whispering the secrets of worlds to each other.  I didn’t realize what they were saying at first of course, but after months and years of coming here to confide in them, I began to understand.  For a long time, I could be heard late into the night, sometimes all night, giving the stars my hopes, my hurt, my dreams, and my secrets.

Of course, who but the stars have heard my deepest fears, those whispered in darkness and paid for with tears?  The stars were the only listeners the day my parents separated, and my only keepers the day they finalized the papers, giving my dad custody over me, and my mom over my brother.  And when he got sick, I showed my brother how to speak to the stars too.  The night he died, we both sat on the roof, talking to the stars, him weakly, me, angrily.

Of course, the stars didn’t only hear my hurt.  They saw the first time I kissed a boy.  And the night I got engaged, sitting next to my boyfriend on our old trampoline late at night.  Then they saw the happiest night of my life, the night my baby was born.

And, it was the stars, who taught me that sometimes, the best way to tell is to listen.  Because one day, I stopped telling, and I learned to listen.  And that day, I learned to let go.  I learned the secrets of the world.  The stars speaking to each other was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed and the stars speaking to each other, is what inspired me to see the beauty in the world again.

My life passed by, under the stars.  They witnessed the night I cried, after I found out my son had been killed on the warfront, the day my husband too, left and took to the arms of the stars, leaving just an old widow behind to mourn him.  And someday, they will welcome me into their arms too.  Someday, I’ll stop listening to the stars speaking to one another, stop talking to the stars, someday; I’ll be with the stars.  I’ll be one of those, that teaches another that you can hear the stars speaking to each other.



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12 thoughts on “Inspiration Monday VI

  1. That was very beautifully written. I really like how you have spanned a long period of time and the many losses of a woman – it is conveyed most delicately.

  2. Oh, I love this. Especially “paid for with tears” and “him weakly, me, angrily.” You used something so wide and universal – the stars – and made it so personal.

    It also reminds me of The Fountain – a very beautiful (albeit strange) Hugh Jackman movie. There was something in there about traveling to a star when you die…

    Anyway, gorgeous work!

    • Jinx says:

      Thank-you! I can’t wait to see what I get from the other prompts.

    • Kay Camden says:

      Yes, The Fountain! What a great movie.

      This is a great piece. So bittersweet. I like how you go from speaking generally to speaking of specific life events. That type of thing always holds a reader’s interest, keeps them holding on to the end. Great work.

  3. Char says:

    Are you really a teenager? You have such an AMAZING understanding of life’s warmth and life’s hurts.

    This piece sang to my heart. It is beautiful.

    Thank you.

  4. Mike says:

    What a lovely piece of writing. It held me from beginning to end and I enjoyed it so much I went straight back and read it again.
    I love the picture you create of someone siting under the stars at night sharing with them ‘hopes, hurt, dreams and secrets.’
    Thank you.

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  7. Indigo Spider says:

    Everyone has said it already, but amazing what you have done with the prompt. It is amazing how you spanned a lifetime in such a compact story. And, as has been said, it is so universal but personal at the same time. Thanks for the beautiful piece.

  8. pattisj says:

    I agree, you write beyond your years. I didn’t realize you were a teen until I read that in Char’s comment. Nicely done.

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