A Life In Pictures

Just a quickly scribbled out short story.  =]

A Life In Pictures
His withered hands shook as he once again withdrew the shoebox. Each of his movements was careful, caressing all he had left. A bony finger traced a gentle path along the carefully scripted message on the lid. Every letter, every word, meant a world to him.

Slowly, he eased the cover off the box of memories, carefully placing it on the hospital bed beside him. Tears wet his old, dim eyes as he scanned the top layer of the box’s contents. Picture after picture filled it, each pertaining to a different memory. Some simply brought back a scent, a warm apple pie or fresh cut grass. Others might bring a feeling, the heat of a campfire, or her hand in his. But a rare few brought back entire conversations and extensive memories. These he placed at the bottom at the stack.

Below the life in pictures was only one thing: her locket.

His eyes were sad as he lifted it out, full of longing. The chain was cold as it settle din the wrinkled palm of his hand. Cold like her body had been.

He gripped the gold heart tightly as he replaced the pictures and put the box away. He would hold it just awhile longer while it warmed. That would be good. Then it wouldn’t be cold when his daughter came and he gave it to her. That was it. A perfect excuse.

He drifted to sleep slowly, dreaming of her, calling him. “Come, follow me now.”

She was so beautiful. She had no pain. He smiled, she was alive there. He wanted that more than anything. So he left, starting a new journey with her.


About Jinx

I'm a writer, what else is there to tell?

4 thoughts on “A Life In Pictures

  1. Pianolover1114 says:

    I thought you were going to do “the stars speak to eachother” again. This reminds me of the end of the notebook.

  2. Great piece of flash fiction. I really like the way you ended it, tying in the ‘cold’ locket yet again.

  3. Pianolover1114 says:

    It’s good.

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