The Amazing Thing About Reading (and writing!)

There’s something about reading that has fascinated me since before preschool.  Perhaps it’s the oldest child complex in me, or my love of stories, but whatever it is, I love reading more than any other activity beside writing.

Reading is actually a very personal experience, whether we realize it or not.  As a writer I know just how much of me goes into my work.  If you take the time to read one of my short stories, even if you don’t notice it, you are seeing the world through my eyes for a moment.  The same goes for any other book, even without paying too much attention, when you read an author’s writing you are essentially encountering them in a very personal way.  I don’t think I’ve ever met an author that can not show themselves in their writing.  How they interpret the world is what makes their style unique.

When we write we are basically just stimulating others imagination, using what I like to call mind control to insert whatever thoughts, emotions, or points we want to communicate to others.  My brother heard I was writing this and commented to me, “A good book is like good music; it makes you laugh when the creator laughs, cry when he cries, and with just a few well placed notes, or words, he can make you feel however he wants.”  (bear in mind he plays piano about 3 hours a day).  He had a point though, it’s just what good writing should be.  Our goal in writing is to communicate to others the emotion we feel.

For me, I tend to feel the author’s emotion and it sticks with me well if I can translate it to real life, even if it’s a book like Lord of the Rings that has very little ‘real world’ in it.  I honestly don’t know what it really is, but it’s this amazing thing that makes me think, act, cry, dream, and live as one of these characters long after I read the book.

So, your turn, what makes good writing that sticks with you?


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5 thoughts on “The Amazing Thing About Reading (and writing!)

  1. scribbla says:

    Anyone who can create characters and worlds I care about after putting the book down does it for me. Basically, what you said.

  2. Interesting thoughts.

    I agree that reading and writing are very personal things. This got me thinking about a linguistics professor I once had that said writing and reading were unnatural, man made creations. This idea of being ‘unnatural’ offended me greatly, even if he had a valid argument. I guess that speaks to the personal nature we can feel towards our love of reading and writing.

    That and having mastered that difficult alphabet thing is a real ego boost.


  3. I love to become so immersed in the story that the walls could fall down around me and I wouldn’t notice. I think this comes from writing that makes me feel something personally either from my secret dreams or real life experiences that help me somehow connect to the setting and characters.

    I think being good readers make us better writers too Jinx.

  4. Bayley Trew says:

    What a wonderful post. I have recently discovered the joys of both reading and writing. I have read more books in the last month than I’d read in my previous life as a web developer and I am lost in this entire world. I agree with BJW, “being good readers make us better writers”, I can already see, the more I read the deeper my message and more emotional my writings are.

    Thoroughly enjoyed :o))

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