New Contributor, pianolover1114, “The Lonely Star”

Hello Everyone. You might remember me from the writers room. I am pianolover1114. Jinx has been kind enough to let me post on her blog occasionally. I am her younger brother, 13 years old and have been writing for 5 months. This was for inmon and was loosely based around all of them except the mask one but the original was off of I never breathed. so without further ado, The Lonely Star

The Lonely Star

I never breathed. Not that I died before I had the chance; no, I’m  actually immortal. Destined to view life from above without partaking in it. To give beings life but not having life of my own.
But I am not without love. Love. So tragic, so painful. It is impossible to feel the warmth of love without feeling the cold of heartbreak. But is it worth it? Is it better to always have pain and joy or to never have either?
It is amazing how something as small and seemingly insignificant as a human, can cause such pain to something as big as a star like me.
I nearly burst with pride when they first started out. I was a life sustainer! But I wept when they were foolish enough to destroy themselves in evil when the waters came. But they came back. From where I don’t know. But I do know, that I got a second chance.
I was as happy as they were when they made technology. I sustained life that could make light come from nowhere; could make heavy objects float in the sky and even send objects to my sister, the moon! Nonetheless they still found a way to break my heart. They were cruel enough to destroy each-other because of race.
That was it. I couldn’t deal with the anguish. I still gave them my warmth, but I couldn’t give them my love. All they did was became so evil that a clean heart was a stench. Then they would repent from their evil. And then I would forgive them. But how could when they act like a sow returning to her mire?
My back turned on them. How could i bear to watch their despicable
ways? So instead, I imagined. What would it be like if I couldn’t feel pain?Would my existence be better if they were perfect? Do they know that I care about them, or even that I have consciousness?
I shut them off from me. It was lonely. I spent many millennia dreaming. I used to have a dream. What if I could be with the other stars, where we all hated affliction, where we were perfect? But alas, I couldn’t. And even if I could it wouldn’t matter. I was too afraid of experiencing pain to see the good. I couldn’t love anything. They were like disposable men to me. And it turns out what I was really  destined for-was to be a lonely star.


About pianolover1114

I am a 13(&1/2) year old, music making, jiujitsu attempting boy, who is currently dabbling in writing. I have been playing piano for about a year and have just a little while ago exploded in doing piano with sheet music. I have also exploded in doing boogie woogie and jazz, whithout sheet music. I started taking piano lessons about 3 months ago with a guy who plays professionally without sheet music. (His name is Matthew ball) Youtube search my name if you don't believe me. I am also pretty good at harmonica, terrible at guitar :P and okay at voice. But more importantly, (At least, for this blogs purpose) I like to write. I have always wanted to write books, since I was 7. I haven't really written much until one incident about 5 months ago. We had recently moved and i was upset about something, Don't ask me what, I don't remember. I sat down and wrote a little Piece called death to the betrayer. I loved it. then I was hooked on writing. Other interests include, Writing music, Playing music, Jiujitsu, snowboarding, reading and just hanging out. I am second oldest out of 7 in a very strong christian family. out of everything i mentioned in the last 3 paragraphs, the most important thing is that I personally know and love Jesus Christ, and that he personally knows and loves me. Thankyou for reading my work, please tell me what you think. =)

5 thoughts on “New Contributor, pianolover1114, “The Lonely Star”

  1. swimmerchic23 says:

    I like how you kept asking questions. Got into the star’s “mind”, showed us what he was thinking. =)

  2. Hello pianolover 1114. This star certainly saw much. I like how the star questioned if it really is worth it and goes back and thinks of instances that brought joy but then later pain. Nice weaving that throughout.
    My favorite line is at the end…”I was too afraid of experiencing pain to see the good. I couldn’t love anything.” That falls into place with being ‘the lonely star’.

    I hope we hear from you again!

  3. pattisj says:

    Thirteen? Good writers in your family!

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