Mindstorm – Inspiration Monday XV

This piece is abnormal for me.  It’s not something that I’ve tried before, nor do I have even the slightest taste of what it’s like, so it was a little weird to write.  Not sure how it turned out.

It was prompted by ‘mindstorm’ but other ones slipped in as well so I highlighted them.  🙂

Inspiration Monday fifteen hmm…..wow.  That’s a lot of inspiration.


The rain is falling still, but lightly now.  The storm blew over and left my mind to thunder on its own.

What happened to family?  I wonder, picking at one of the worn shingles in my hiding place.  They always told me, family is forever.  They were forever.  I don’t understand.

I want to slip sideways in time, back to when this mess wasn’t my life.  When we were all still happy.  But I’m stuck here, swamped in the muck of my parents ugly divorce.  My so-called-life is chaos.  I haven’t even told my best friend yet and my parents will sign the first papers tomorrow.  Their stupid, petty, idiotic fights will keep them from settling things quickly, however.  They’re dragging me down.  I’m sixteen, don’t they think maybe I’m old enough to choose who to live with?  It would be so much faster than this months long fight they’ve been in, and they months they’ll keep fighting.

Of course, who would I choose? And how would I explain to the rejected parent why I didn’t choose them?  Maybe it’s better this way.  I dont’ want to choose.  I don’t want to have to choose.

This is so stupid!  My parents are so busy battling each other, they don’t even notice that they’re ruining my life. Since when do they not care? Did I do something that made them fight?  Made them hate me and hate each other?

The last thing they expected was to get a divorce.  Or, so Mom keeps telling me.  God, the last thing I expected was this.  They promised it would never happen to them.  And me?  I was stupid enough to believe them.


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6 thoughts on “Mindstorm – Inspiration Monday XV

  1. tragicpete says:

    Interesting, and well done for something you’ve never tried before.

    • Jinx says:


      My poor shorts and scribbles have been sadly lacking while my book is taking off like I’ve never seen before.

  2. I like the details about not telling the best friend, and debating over whether it would be better to get to choose which parent, or to not have to choose.

    Glad to hear your book is taking off, too!

  3. Kay Camden says:

    Love those first two lines.

  4. “But I’m stuck here, swamped in the muck of my parents ugly divorce. ” Great line! Covers the emotions in explanation and in image. The more senses we involve with our words, the more complete the experience for the reader! Well done!

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