Pianolover’s Inmon XVI

The first one inspired by “I Can’t draw love, but I know it when I see it” (Thankyou Pete) and the second one was inspired by a line in the first one (I underlined it for you). The first one is kindof weird and I’m not sure what the point of it is but thanks for reading anyway.

It’s Everywhere

What is it like to be normal? I never have been. I’ve always seen things. Seeing other people’s happiness is why I will never be classified as “normal”. When I see someone, I can see their lives.

I see the young writer, who was just published the first time. I smile at the young man, who just had his first kiss. I’m just as proud as the musician I see who is so proud of the work he spent hours perfecting.

I’m seeing Joy. Or at-least, that’s what I think it is. That’s another reason that I don’t fit in; that I am an outcast. I can’t understand this thing that people call emotion. But I’m not sure I want to. It doesn’t seem as good as some people say it is. Because joy isn’t all I see. I can also see, what do you call it? Anguish? Sorrow? Pain?  Whatever you call it, it’s everywhere. But I don’t want to feel it. I can almost feel it. I can see it.

It’s in the back-alley where the mother grieves for her lost son. It’s in the parking lot where the perfect relationship ends for no reason. It’s hiding inside the widower in the office, pretending everything is alright.

So that’s probably why I’m not “Normal”, because I’m the only thing without pain in this pain-filled broken world.


When I wake up in the morning, I hop in the shower. Then I’d eat a quick bowl of cereal before rushing upstairs to brush my teeth and grab my back-pack. But I’m not perfect. I forgot to make my bed after my Mom told me too.

I have a specific spot that I sit in on the school bus, just like most of the other kids. I blow bubbles in-between chatting with my friends. And we talk about the same things most of the other boys talk about. You know, normal things. Sports, hobbies and friends. We talk and laugh about how Joe’s 2nd string cornerback for our school, how hard barre chords are on guitar and how Troy’s friend embarrassed himself.

Although I could hang out with them all day, we have to go to school. In math, I pass notes occasionally just like most of the kids do sometimes. I’m not really one to stick out. I got a C in English. But I do have a favorite subject. I like history. But I have to wait until after lunch.

So I grab the same “Mystery-meat-casserole” that all the other kids are forced to try. My eyes scan the lunchroom as I look for Troy and Joe. But I can’t find them so I just sit at a random table. But as I sit down, one of the kids at the table yells at me, “Freak! You can’t sit here your too much of a weirdo! Only normal people can sit here!”

Sigh- highschool drama.


About pianolover1114

I am a 13(&1/2) year old, music making, jiujitsu attempting boy, who is currently dabbling in writing. I have been playing piano for about a year and have just a little while ago exploded in doing piano with sheet music. I have also exploded in doing boogie woogie and jazz, whithout sheet music. I started taking piano lessons about 3 months ago with a guy who plays professionally without sheet music. (His name is Matthew ball) Youtube search my name if you don't believe me. I am also pretty good at harmonica, terrible at guitar :P and okay at voice. But more importantly, (At least, for this blogs purpose) I like to write. I have always wanted to write books, since I was 7. I haven't really written much until one incident about 5 months ago. We had recently moved and i was upset about something, Don't ask me what, I don't remember. I sat down and wrote a little Piece called death to the betrayer. I loved it. then I was hooked on writing. Other interests include, Writing music, Playing music, Jiujitsu, snowboarding, reading and just hanging out. I am second oldest out of 7 in a very strong christian family. out of everything i mentioned in the last 3 paragraphs, the most important thing is that I personally know and love Jesus Christ, and that he personally knows and loves me. Thankyou for reading my work, please tell me what you think. =)

10 thoughts on “Pianolover’s Inmon XVI

  1. Kay Camden says:

    Oh, how this brings me back. Good transparent narrative!

  2. pianolover, that was very, very good! i firmly believe you have the makings of a well respected and well followed author some day. just don’t ever turn your back on your gift.

    you have a lot of talent, kiddo, you and your sister both. in many ways i envy you, for you both have a lifetime to explore, nurture and develop your talents, unlike myself, for i am in the fall of my lifetime.

    blessings, sweetie, and please tell jinx hello for me.


  3. Well done pianolover. The advice us writers always get is to write what you know and to write from experience. I felt your story voice was a very true telling of middle school life in America. You and your Jinx both have talent, it must run in the family.

    • pianolover1114 says:

      thankyou! that’ kinda funny you would say that becaue ive been homeschooled all my life.

      • Trust me, I went to middle school in America long ago and you certainly managed to get the feel of it. I really mean it when I say well done, especially since you have been home schooled all your life!

  4. @billyjo…

    i couldn’t agree more!

    and sadly, “pea-green” with envy is not exactly a color that sits well on a fifty three year old! (meaning me, i am like soooooooooo jealous of not only them, but you and several other “young folks” as well!)

    ah well, better late than never. maybe, if fate favors me, i might get at least one of the eight or nine books i have been working on published and at least sell just one.



  5. The scary thing is, what you’re describing in your first story is reality for some people – it’s called antisocial personality disorder (formerly psychopathy) and refers to a lack of ability to empathize, to feel any emotion, or even have a conscience. Most of these people learn to appear to have emotions, though – some of them are even very manipulative. Sorry to go on and on, but the subject fascinates me and I’ve been meaning to write something about it – you’ve beat me to it!

    I love your second story, too, the repeating “just like anybody else” capped with a “freak” – powerful.

  6. pattisj says:

    I thought you did a great job on both of these. 🙂

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