My life as a teenage freak…..uh, writer

This post is to commemorate two events that are pretty important in my life. First, on June 21 I will turn 16, and no I really don’t have plans. Secondly, June 28 will mark the six month anniversary of  when I wrote A Rebel’s Death (no worries, I’m aware that it needs a rewrite) and in my eyes officially became a writer.

I decided to write about the ways that becoming a writer has turned me into a freak, which I’m surprisingly happy about. Some of these aren’t a big deal, and may not even be too different from before I started really writing.

  • I never leave my house (or my room) without some device to write down phrases and inspirations.
  • My arms are (to my mum’s great disappointment) usually covered in notes.
  • If I like a song it’s usually because it inspires me to write.
  • I stopped changing my writing’s natural flow and just let it come when it wants. Whereas before when I would try to write it was always very forced.
  • I dream about scenes in my book, and think about how to writ what I’m experiencing, even when I sleep.
  • My characters are so real to me that even my friends talk about them like they are real people.
  • My moods now change based on what scene I’ve been writing lately. If my character is depressed, I’m a lot harder to talk to. If they’re happy, I get hyper. All that good stuff.
  • If I can’t sleep it’s because I’ve been thinking about plots and forgotten that it is 3am and I will be getting up tomorrow morning.
  • I read less. This one isn’t necessarily good.
Of course there’s other stuff that’s changed in my life too since then, but those are most of the ones that relate to how I think and write now vs. when I thought maybe it would be cool to write a book for fun last September. Big difference I must say!  =)

About Jinx

I'm a writer, what else is there to tell?

4 thoughts on “My life as a teenage freak…..uh, writer

  1. Hi Jinx – Writer you are and writer you shall be!

  2. Kay Camden says:

    Awesome post! And I say, YES ME TOO to all of them except the writing on the arms. So glad I’m not alone.

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