Just Breathe & Other Randomness

Randomness first:

Yesterday was my sweet sixteen and I had the best birthday of my life to date, and I’ve yet to even celebrate it! I felt so loved by my friends and family, and going to the mall and randomly shopping places, walking around, doing my normal freakish nonsense with a great friend, was an awesome way to spend my morning. Then to add a friend walking into my house with a giant cupcake and a massive chocolate bar to wish me happy birthday just made my day. The only thing I wish was different was that my dad was in Canada on business, which wasn’t so great. But that’s okay, because if I’ve learned one single thing in sixteen years of life, it’s that life goes on. The messed up stuff always goes away and things are as good as new eventually.

So, now that I’ve wasted all you guys time with some of my thoughts, enjoy this scribble like item–not sure what to class it as–it’s almost in a journal form….but of a character…and very short. Anywho, no more rambling about nonsense:

Just Breathe

* * * * *

Survive. Just breathe. Don’t panic, it’s all part of the plan. His plan. How do I know that? Have I seen the plan? Do I know the plan? Nope. That’s the scary part. No one does.

The plan is there, and I’ve seen glimpses of its intricate weavings when I realize years later, what little things changed my life. But no one, and I mean absolutely no one, knows the whole plan. Only He knows it. And sometimes, like right now, it’s hard to believe even He has. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe there is a plan. But I still believe. I have to believe.

So now I’m back to surviving. To standing here, reminding myself that it’s okay to just breathe. Sure, things look bad, but who am I to judge that? Who am I to say, ‘I know best’? Even for me, I know I don’t. Because I don’t know the plan, and I don’t know which way the road will go. All I know is that right now, I’ve got right and almost right, staring me in the face. Daring me to choose the wrong path.

Pick a side. Take a step. Just breathe.


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7 thoughts on “Just Breathe & Other Randomness

  1. Torrent says:

    I Love this! Both parts! Very much so! The second one I can really relate to! I’m glad you had such a great birthday!! 😉

  2. for no one know the day nor the hour, right? Sorry i havent commented lately, i just got out of the hospital with multiple puncture wounds, and severe dehydration. I wrote my experiance on my blog. I died twice, and was resuscitated in the ambulance and the hospital. i lost ALOT of blood. In other news, happy sixteenth, i turn eighteen in a few days, im terrified. bleh. once again sorry for my absence, hope to see you on my blog, later!

  3. i was stabbed and left in the desert to die. its a long story, maybe ill post what happened…

  4. by the way, im posting again, so i would appreciate your thoughts on my newest post ‘we were soldiers’.

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