My Soldier

Another random scribble. Not really inspired by anything in particular, just kind of needed to write. =)

* * * * *

“Porter! Oh god, Porter you’re here!” Megan sprinted to him, shrieking ecstatic remarks to him. “You’re back, god I missed you!”

He smiled, a warm expression lighting up his chocolate eyes. “I missed you too Megs,” he pulled her into a strong hug, warm and deep, “a lot.”

She buried her face in his shirt, enjoying the scent of his cologne. When she looked up she realized they were the only couple standing around and a few people were staring at them. A light blush warmed her cheeks. “Those little kids over there are being scarred.” She teased under her breath.

Porter reached down and swung her up in his arms, “Let them be! This is you and me. I’m home now, for two weeks–two infinitely long but depressingly short weeks–and I won’t waste a single second of them because two little kids at the airport are scarred by me *hugging* my wife.”

A small, dimpled smile creased her face and she looked up at him adoringly. The title was so perfect, so utterly descriptive but brief all the same. She was only one thing, after all. His wife. The rest were only second hand titles.

Porter carried her out of the airport and Megan spent the whole time murmuring to him about everything he had missed in the last six months. Watching the people that stopped to smile at the soldier in uniform carrying his girl through the airport. Let them smile. She and Porter were a fairytale in of itself, and they were living their happily ever after.

Porter set her down when he got to the Mustang, opened the door for her, but didn’t let her get in. Instead he stood there with his hands on her waist, looking down the eight inches to her face. “God I missed you Megs. More than I ever thought possible.”

“I missed you too baby. But what happened to not wasting a single second?” her voice was no more than a gentle hum of contentment, floating up to him with a slight hint of teasing to match the twinkle in her bright blue eyes.

“I’m not wasting,” he murmured, “just savoring.”

She smiled as he reached down to kiss her, cupping her chin in his strong hand. She kissed him back, so happy she thought she may burst trying to contain all of the emotions coursing through her. So happy she might die when he had to leave again in two weeks, except the promise of real return in six months.

Porter pulled away and helped her into the car a minute later, walking around to the driver’s seat in a few steady strides. “Well Mrs. Williams, shall we go?”

Megan grinned, “Yes Mr. Williams, do let’s.”

He turned the key and the hum of he engine started immediately, off to enjoy their short escape from reality.


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I'm a writer, what else is there to tell?

2 thoughts on “My Soldier

  1. scribbla says:

    Cool! I thought the piece was very atmospheric. Had a forties/fifties feel to it. And that it is just a snippet, a moment, is wonderful. Super writing.

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