The musicians room

Do you remember the writers room way back when? Well here is the long awaited (Not really) sequel to one of my favorite scribbles. hope you enjoy.

The Musicians Room

The most notable aspect of the room was the clutter. Although most would call it cluttered, the owner would say it just random objects in useful locations.

For example, the clothes belong on the floor because the hamper is under the keyboard, and too full for anything more. The harmonica simply has to go on top of the dresser because if it didn’t, where would the other 11 harmonicas go? Music books obviously belong under the speakers in the corner, so that they will hold the speakers up to be heard better. Everybody knows that microphones need to be kept on the ever growing pile of paper that is always on hand, just in case the new tune pops in to head. And where else could a guitar go but leaning on the wall right next to the bed? Violins, obviously  belong by the wall next to the window because—because… Because that is the only open area space.

Most of the floor is covered in picks, capos, sheet music and cds, because if they weren’t how would he ever be able to find them? But that’s not the only thing that makes this room say, a musician lives here. Everything from the overbooked calendar on the wall right next to the Mumford and Sons poster,  to the recording software and ipods, make the owners profession clear.

But even though there are Cds in every location where there isn’t a living necessity or instrument, which some would say are a living necessity, this room is still useful. No, It can still make beautiful renditions of Moonlight sonata, all 15 minutes of it. Even though there is no room for walking, it can still have Spanish guitar ringing out the window. Who says, that even though the laundry hasn’t been done for much longer that you want to know about, that it can’t sound like bill Clinton whipped out his ol’ sax?

Actually lots of people say that. But that doesn’t make it true. Because who care what the world says? Not him, because this is the musicians room.


About pianolover1114

I am a 13(&1/2) year old, music making, jiujitsu attempting boy, who is currently dabbling in writing. I have been playing piano for about a year and have just a little while ago exploded in doing piano with sheet music. I have also exploded in doing boogie woogie and jazz, whithout sheet music. I started taking piano lessons about 3 months ago with a guy who plays professionally without sheet music. (His name is Matthew ball) Youtube search my name if you don't believe me. I am also pretty good at harmonica, terrible at guitar :P and okay at voice. But more importantly, (At least, for this blogs purpose) I like to write. I have always wanted to write books, since I was 7. I haven't really written much until one incident about 5 months ago. We had recently moved and i was upset about something, Don't ask me what, I don't remember. I sat down and wrote a little Piece called death to the betrayer. I loved it. then I was hooked on writing. Other interests include, Writing music, Playing music, Jiujitsu, snowboarding, reading and just hanging out. I am second oldest out of 7 in a very strong christian family. out of everything i mentioned in the last 3 paragraphs, the most important thing is that I personally know and love Jesus Christ, and that he personally knows and loves me. Thankyou for reading my work, please tell me what you think. =)

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