New Works

So, lately I’ve been pretty busy between a few big things in my life. Since the beginning of summer, when my blog hit its top hits-per-day, I’ve been through severe writer’s block, lost and found my writing voice, learned some pretty serious graphic design, and my latest project: I’m learning to edit video! I’ll admit, I’m pretty excited about that one. Video editing is something I know I’ll always be able to make good use of.

Anyway, getting a little more on point after the random update, I’ve also started a new longer project. It began as a pet project that I worked on one night while bored, but I think it’s turning into something bigger. A few weeks ago I posted the first chapter and the prologue, but since then I’ve added four more chapters. I won’t post it all here since that would be a huge blog post, but I’d love it if you check it out here.

So yeah, that’s what’s been happening in my world!


About Jinx

I'm a writer, what else is there to tell?

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