who i am

Prepare for an overwhelming amount of information on me.  😀 Since I can’t seem to write anything short.

I am a converse obsessed, music loving, fifteen year old and my mother is worried I want a tattoo because of how much I write on myself.  I’ve also got a big thing with  books since I learned to read at age 5.  Like, big thing.  Before I started high school, I would read 8 or more hours a day, sometimes finishing a 1000 page book in that time.

My parents have home schooled me since kindergarten.  To them that means teaching me to read and letting me roam through the world asking questions.  This was all backed up by my dad’s love of having a white board next to our table for mid-dinner science lessons or whatever he happened to have on his mind.

My brother and I have a deep love of reading, particularly me, and especially fantasy books.  After I read the Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia for the 80th time I realized that I wanted to add to it.

I started actually writing down my stories when I was 11 or 12.  I’d made them up since before I can remember, but that was the first time I attempted to write.  On and off I’d make a little try at writing, only to scrap the whole project a few pages in.  Then I got the idea for a story early last fall, I was bored, waiting for my parents to start me in school again, and mostly amusing myself with a few friends and a lot of books.  I started posting it in pieces for a few friends to read, and they made me keep writing until it turned into about 30 pages of what I call an epic failure in writing.  It was by far the worst first draft that could have been written.  BUT, it did get me a lot of great advice in writing, and it helped me a lot in learning to keep writing. Now, still working with that same idea–which has become something so different one can’t really call it the same–I’m writing a 1200 page trilogy with the intention of eventual publication.

So yeah.  That’s my life in a not very small nutshell.  😀


9 thoughts on “who i am

  1. Wow. Good on you. I on the other hand, I went to public school until i was kicked out in eleventh grade for, and I quote, my “never ending determination to somehow, someway, even when it seems that there is no possibility in all the cosmos that you should, you manage to pick a fight!”
    Yes probably the only thing I was good at in school was picking fights. Not being cocky, actually a little ashamed but, I didn’t lose often. Then I started homeschooling. Thats when I joined the fire department, well, actually that was before I was kicked out of school. I found that I don’t communicate well with words, so I wrote. And I wrote. aaaannnnd I wrote. Then I wrote some more. Eventually I developed a passion for writing. Despite being lame of tongue, I was still excellent at communicating through writing. I am of course, a bad writer. But I am trying to get better. So thats me 🙂

    • Jinx says:

      I think people’s life story is always very interesting, it tells you so much about how to write them, how they’re likely to react in situations.

      You’re actually a pretty good writer. You seem like you care about it a lot.

      I need to be better about writing more often. Since I haven’t been *really* writing for long (since last October), I kind of still struggle with finding time aside from my other stuff.

  2. I sent you a friend request through facebook, you can accept or not, I know how your parents feel about strangers, if you deny I wont be insulted. No worrys. I sent a few to others on wordpress as well 🙂 .

  3. Jinx…I have said before, and I will say again…you are amazing. Please let me know when you publish your first book. I will be there with my $$$ to support you.

    And a ‘woohoo’ to your parents. They have done a great job.

  4. Hey Jinx, love the blog and wanted to give you props on a job well done. Seriously, can’t believe you’re as young as you are…! Therefore, I humbly bestowe on you the “Irresistably Sweet Blog Award”. I highlighted you in my latest blog…


  5. Hello, Jinx, I have a little something for you on my blog. I got your message you left for me within another message earlier (i knew it was for me, since you mentioned the guest posting, I will get back to you on that) and when you mentioned a very special day coming up, I couldn’t resist…and I was off!

    About forty five minutes later your surprise was complete and posted, and I headed off to “look you up” to leave you this message.

    By they way, I left a message for your brother earlier today, but I do not know if he got it, so here it is again…

    I am proud and honored to present both Jinx and her brother, Pianolover, with the RADICALLY AWESOME BLOGGER AWARD ( http://www.dracaelynsdreams.com/uploads/4/9/8/3/4983509/9593264_orig.jpg ), and also with the GREAT JOB icon ( http://www.dracaelynsdreams.com/uploads/4/9/8/3/4983509/7333235_orig.jpg ), both of which are of my own creation, and both of which I personally feel that both of these young and talented writers deserve.

    Jinx, you and your brother are both terrific!




  6. Hey, I just read Resistance on Figment.com and loved it. I was curious, so I clicked on your blog and just wanted to say that I’m glad I’ve found another home schooled writer. My sister and I, both home schooled for most of our lives, (her longer than me) are both also writers. I have my own blog, if you wanna check it out, and I just wanted to say hi!
    I love the look, by the way. =)

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