The Journey

A piece for both Sunday Picture Press and Inspiration Monday. Because I am a terribly lazy person and didn’t submit an individual piece for each.


In and out of time, sailing the stars. Nothing meeting everything. Galaxies and their histories floated by without a second thought. Information to be learned, but never kept.

Keeping information here was considered greed. Here no one took their findings back with them. Only death waited for those who ferreted away information. Death and his horse were ever-present to punish those who try to steal away the precious secrets of the universe. They were the things better left unsaid and unknown.

So they said to keep wandering. Through space and time into the next leg of the journey. The forest path that had to be travelled. Past creeks, hollows, branches, animals; whatever they might have been, they continued. Never stop.

The path ran past a terrible place. Nightmares slipped through the barriers of minds to lurk here. Each one to be faced. None of them to be left undreamt. They were created, like fear, only to haunt mankind. All of them. Every single one finds its home here, in the voyage of the undead.

Paths wound into tunnels, running into avenues of white. White walls, white doors, the ones that cast a blue shadow. Each door whispered. Calling promises of truth and home.

The command came. Pick the door. Each hesitated on his chosen handle. Gave it a slow turn. Then cracked it open and allowed light to flood in. Shouts to ring through the alley when loved ones recognized their long awaited friends and families. Long awaited in their return.